The LOBS and the KNCV join forces!

Continue Your Academic Journey: Join the Next Step Master Day 2024!

The Young Royal Netherlands Chemical Society (Jong-KNCV) and the National Committee for Biology Students (LOBS) are thrilled to unveil the second edition of the Next Step Master Day. Join us at Hogeschool Utrecht (Heidelberglaan 7) from 15:30h to 20:00h for an engaging event that promises valuable insights and opportunities.

Why Attend the Next Step Master Day?

microscoop_DNAExplore 84 different master programmes:
Discover a diverse array of master programmes offered by top-tier institutions nationwide, spanning various disciplines. Whether you're inclined towards biology, chemistry, or any interdisciplinary life sciences field, we've got you covered.
IMG_3476Connect with peers and professionals:
Network with esteemed professionals and like-minded students who share your enthusiasm for advancing in the academic realm. Build connections that have the potential to shape your future academic and professional journey.
workshopEngage in an expert-led workshop:
Dive into an interactive workshop facilitated by Ingeborg Scheurwater. Engage in a session on aligning your skills to the employer's needs and discover ways to develop these essential skills during your master's programme.
Mike Lenstra-2

Gain inspiration to start an internship abroad:
Participate in a Q&A session with a master student and seize the opportunity to ask all your burning questions about pursuing internships abroad. Let the narrative, expertise, and insights of master student Mike Lenstra about his internship inspire you to chart your own distinctive path.

Ready for Your Next Step?

Tailored specifically for bachelor students, the Next Step Master Day provides you with the knowledge, resources, and guidance needed to take that pivotal next step in your academic journey. Whether you're contemplating further studies in biology, chemistry, or an interdisciplinary program, this event lays the perfect groundwork.

Seize this opportunity and register now for the Next Step Master Day 2024. Embark on a journey of discovery, networking, and preparation for the next phase of your academic adventure.

Your future awaits – are you ready for your Next Step?